Refund Policy

If your product is eligible for a refund, you can choose your preferred refund method below. The shipping fee is refunded along with the amount paid for your returned product.

The time required to complete a refund depends on the refund method you have selected. 

The refund time starts once the quality check is completed.

Refund Voucher : 

Vouchers will be sent to the customer registered email ID on and can  be redeemed against the same email ID.

Easypaisa Wallet : 

Refund amount will be sent through Easypaisa on the same mobile number that was used when placing the order.

Bank Deposit :

The bank account details provided must be correct and the account must be active and should hold some balance. Do not provide account details of Basic Bank Account (BBA), National Bank and Khyber bank as refunds cannot be processed for these options. IBAN number will be needed to refund the amount.